Abbess Cunegund: "Prodaná nevěsta”/ Bride of Christ

Jennifer Vlček Schurr (University of Glasgow)


Jennifer Vlček Schurr,University of Glasgow Abbess Cunegund: "Prodaná nevěsta” / Bride of Christ In many respects Bohemia's Premyslide Princess/Benedictine Abbess Cunegund shared the same fate as other of her European female contemporaries: arranged marriage ending in a conventual life of enclosure. By juxtaposing known details of her life (which highlight her unique set of circumstances) with those that may be discerned from the pages of the Passional, it is possible to build up an image of the woman herself. This paper will explore the evidence, aiming to cast new light on this remarkable medieval, religious noblewoman and her personal eschatological concerns, as well as demonstrating the apparent personal conflict she experienced whilst attempting to reconcile her dual roles: as senior Premyslide princess and devoted Christian abbess. From cradle to grave, the life of Princess/ Abbess Cunegund was both typical and extraordinary. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---